Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DeNami's "Unofficial" Biggest Fan?

So...DeNami Design stamps is having a contest right now to find their biggest fan.  Well, if you've ever read my blog, you've probably noticed that I have a few stamps of theirs....like a few hundred...ummm...at last count: 469 (after some recent purchases).  *sigh*  Yes...I suffer from OCDDD (Obsessive-Compulsive DeNami Design Disorder).  I just take one look at those cute little chickies, and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!  I'm a chick-aholic!  Seriously....look at this face:

(Hahahahaha...I made it doubly hard to resist, because what could be cuter than a DeNami chickie?  A BABY DeNami chickie!!!  IMPOSSIBLE to resist!  Muhahahaha! Side note: for those really picky people...yes, all the chickies are technically babies, but this one is hatching...thus, it is the youngest of them all.  LOL)

Anyway...where was I?   Oh, yeah!  The contest!  So, DeNami is hosting this contest to find their biggest fan.  You had to submit a photo and a few sentences explaining why you're their biggest fan.  Well, guess what?  I didn't enter.  *sigh/sniffles/groan*  I know, I know...what was I thinking?!  Well, I'm a perfectionist, for one.  I just drove back to Michigan, and most of my craft supplies are still in storage in Indiana, and I just thought that there was no way I could take just one picture to sufficiently show my love of DeNami (see evidence with my recent post which shows my craft area, but note that those photos do not include purchases made since January...so my collection is much larger now).  So, I just got overwhelmed, and time was an issue, so the deadline passed without me submitting anything.  I just wish I had more time, BUT...I am super excited for the ladies who had their acts together and DID enter!  Vote for them now!  (I'm happy for ALL the ladies, but Tina is an amazing DeNami fan, and she works so hard to show her love for that company ALL the time, and I'm hoping you'll go vote for her!  Look for the Raggedy Ann picture!)

Back to me...even though I am not eligible to win the contest, I still wanted to show my love for DeNami.  As my previous post shows, I have tons of them, and they are organized in drawers, by theme.  However, as you also know, I have recently moved to Michigan, but I am staying with friends and can't bring all my stuff with me yet.  So, while I work on getting my own apartment, I brought along with me a...

(Sorry about the fuzzy photos.  I'm using my phone's camera for taking pictures at this time.)
As you can see, I brought a selection of wood-mounted stamps as well as ALL my cling stamps (organized in an awesome greeting card case by The Container Store) AND baggies of DeNami ribbon.  I have whole spools of DeNami grosgrain ribbons (in MOST of their available colors), but rather than bring the whole rolls, I cut off a yard or two of each color and put them in sandwich baggies (one for the 5/8" width and one for the 3/8" width). 

While I am excited about this survival kit, I must admit, though, that I am nervous that I will start on a project and desperately crave a stamp that is still in Indiana.  *sigh*  I guess I just have to deal with that for now.  Gotta keep that OCDDD in check!  Oh, and check out that awesome Diamond Border stamp dead center in the photograph.  That is vintage, retired DeNami!  It took me a few years to track that baby down, and I finally found one!  Woohoo!   Most of my stamps, I get from Papertrix (that's where I first saw and fell in love with DeNami stamps), and I also have gotten some from DeNamiDesign.com.  But on occasion, I am able to track down some vintage/retired stamps, and it's so awesome!   OH, and I just realized I forgot to show them in the picture, but I did also bring all my DeNami Design Sparklets glitters with me.  If you've never tried their glitter, you are missing out!  It is ultra-fine and super sparkly!  It's everything you could ask for in a loose glitter!

Ok, now I have one other thing I want to show you.  This is like my DeNami control panel.  It's how I keep track of all my DeNami goodies...my inventory management center, you could say.  It's my DeNami binder.  Oh, you may think that doesn't sound very exciting, but trust me...it's AWESOME.  It needs some updating because it is currently overflowing (and all my binders are packed in storage, so I have to wait to transfer it over to a larger binder), but it's still magical.  Here are some peeks into the fabulousness that is...


Notice, I have idea sheets and my current wish list (don't be fool by that one visible page...it's 2 pages long).

Now, let's take this section by section.  First up, I have my DeNami inventory checklist.  These are available to download/print.  I color in the box for the stamps I own with a red pen so it is easy to see what I have.  (Note: these lists do not contain retired stamps, so the pink page you can barely see on the left of this picture is a handwritten list of my retired stamps.)

Next, here is my CHICKLIST!  Yup, you read that correctly!  DeNami has created their own downloadable checklist just for chickies!  How cute is that?  I mark my chickies with a red X

The next section of my binder contains printouts from the DeNami website of all their stamps.  I highlight those I own.  The stamps are all in order from smallest to largest (size A-Trifle sets) with the exception of their newest releases, which I print out for each release.  This is a great "tool" because it allows me to find stamps in order.  If I want to see what certain stamps look like, I can find that information easily if I don't have access to my computer.

The last section in my binder is the actual catalog section.  I print out these "catalog supplements" each time they have a new release.  I also highlight the stamps I own.  This is great for looking at collections together as a whole.  The above screen printouts help me see stamps in an organized "A to Z" fashion, but THIS allows me to see stamps grouped by theme and release date.  

So, yes...now you all know the true depth of my obsession.  LOL  I am OCD and OCDDD.  However, I LOVE organizing my DeNami stamps.  They always make me smile.  And, looking through my DeNami binder is like looking through a favorite magazine or photo album.  It just makes me happy!  What can I say?  I'm proud of my obsession with such a wonderful product from a lovely, family-owned and operated business.  They are the absolute sweetest people, and I am proud to support them!  Sadly, I may not be eligible for the prize of this contest, but when I look at my goodies, I feel very fortunate already.  


Happy Crafting!


Tina M said...

OHH MY GOSH...where do I start!?!? LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did this..you are such a HOOT! Haha, There's a "DeNami" for that! ;) That survival kit is too fun, girl! I love that you were able to bring a few things with you and can't wait to see you get all inky again.

Seriously though, you are waaay to organized. We have about the same number of stamps and having those check lists has been awesome. I need to make a binder for mine like you did...great job!

It really saddens me that you didn't get to enter the contest {{HUGS}}, you would have done great! Thank you so much for the shout out, you totally rock!

Stacy said...

Very nice survival kit! Your lists are well organized!